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Healthy Workers Healthy Workplace Healthy Futures

Healthy Workers

Working with workplaces to create environments that support employees to:

Why workplaces?

  • Working adults spend approximately one third of their day at work, thus the workplace becomes the ideal setting to provide opportunities for health program provision
  • Existing communication structures to provide information to employees
  • Peer support for workers involved in workplace health and wellbeing programs

Our aim is to support workplaces to create healthy lifestyle options for workers through a collective approach that values democracy, dignity and equity.



The Healthy Workers – Healthy Futures Toolkit can help employees and managers implement a workplace health and wellbeing program in their organisation.

The Toolkit contains a wealth of practical and straightforward information, including links to time-saving and easy-to-use templates.

Download the Toolkit here (PDF 1.8mb)

Free Advisory Service

The Healthy worker advisor supports organisations in the Maritime and Transport Industry to create healthy lifestyle options in the workplace through a collective approach that values democracy, dignity and equity.

The advisor will examine environmental, cultural and communication structures to implement sustainable strategies that support workers to adopt healthy behaviours.

The Healthy Worker Advisor will also tailor resources, programs and activities for the organisations that suit the needs of the workforce.

The Healthy Worker Advisor will work with Health and Safety representatives to ensure a safe delivery and implementation of sustainable outcomes.

Calendar of Events

Download Calendar (PDF 98kb)

Useful Apps

Quick Health Age Check (by Bupa)

Setting a personal profile you can see changes to your health age and risks experimenting with changes to your weight and lifestyle.

The Quick Health Age Check provides a general assessment of some potential health issues based on the limited information provided by the user. It is not precise and users should consult their doctor for any symptoms and diagnosis.

Download Quick Health Age Check

Food Switch (by Bupa)

It is a database of 20000+ products that have barcodes and are found in Australian stores. Each product has been rated for four food component’s – total fat, saturated fats, sugars and salt.

Red indicates a less healthy choice. Fine for an occasional treat, but think about how often you choose it and how much of it you eat. Amber/Orange this choice is ok, but going for choices labelled green is even better. Green healthier choice compared with other foods in the same category.

You just use the scan function, scan the barcode and the a display comes up explaining the concentration of the four food component’s in the product.

This screen will also display products with lower levels of the components so that you can choose a different product that is healthier.

Download Food Switch

Medibank Energy Balancer

Choose a food and then choose an activity. This app will tell you how long you need to do an activity to burn the energy from the food. Has sports as activities as well as regular tasks such as gardening, arguing, computer games, house cleaning, laundry, shopping, standing, stretching, swimming.

Download Medibank Energy Balancer


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