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Unions Call for MP's to Support Special Enquiry into Wage Theft
SA Unions calls on all members of Parliament to support the move for a Select Committee enquiry into wage theft in South Australia.  Wage theft is rife in Australia and has long term consequences for the worker's entire working life.  [media release .... 19/9/18]

State Budget a Jobs Disaster for South Australia
SA Unions says the State Government has delivered a budget with no plan to tackle the impending jobs crisis in South Australia.  South Australians want a real plan to create decent, secure jobs that people can count on.  [media release .... 4/9/18]

Unions Welcome Mansfield Review Findings on Return to Work Act
SA Unions welcomed the findings of Justice Mansfield in his review of the Return to Work Act but are disappointed that growing profits from the scheme aren't being turned into more support for injured South Australians.  [media release .... 26/7/18]

Liberals: Slash and Burn Coming for Public Sector Workers
SA Unions says thousands of teachers, nurses, firefighters and police face the axe after Liberal Leader Stephen Marshall told the Leaders debate that he would cut public sector numbers.  Business SA has been touting a job cut figure of 20,000.  Stephen Marshall will sacrifice the jobs of hardworking South Australians to give big businesses tax cuts. 

Every South Australian public sector worker should vote for their jobs on Saturday.  [media release .... 15/3/18]

Unions Warn South Australians: Libs and SA-Best Not Worth the Gamble
South Australians are being warned not to gamble with their vote on election day by supporting parties which attack the rights and conditions of working people.  [media release .... 11/3/18]

Court Judgement Proves Need for New Wage Theft Offences in SA
SA Unions says wage theft is endemic across Australian and supports the Labor Government's pledge to include the criminal offence of wage theft if re-elected. Unions stand up for workers who have had their wages and super stolen and will be able to do more of that with new wage theft laws proposed in South Australia.

The SA Employment Tribunal recently find a company $120,000 in penalties for unpaid worker entitlements, including overtime and superannuation.  The workers were supported by their union the CEPU Plumbing and Electrical Division. 

SA Unions calls on the Liberal Party and Nick Xenophon to tell workers if they support big fines for bosses or not?  [media release .... 16/2/18]

New Child Labour Laws
SA Unions is calling on the Liberals and SA Best to commit to supporting new child labour laws being proposed by the State Government.

South Australia currently doesn't have any child labour laws which means there are no protections for children who are exposed to unsafe work, humiliated, harassed, degraded or ripped off - all forms of child abuse.  We particularly welcome the move to stop any employers with a history of abusing young workers from employing young people.  [media release .... 10/2/18]

Tougher Penalties for Work Deaths
SA Unions has welcomed news from the State Government that if elected at the next election, it will legislate to increase penalties for offences that cause workplace deaths.

Under the proposed new laws, the maximum penalty for the new offence will be 20 years imprisonment with a maximum fine of $10m for a corporation.  This should send a clear message to bosses and companies, if you cost someone their life, you will pay.  [media release .... 22/1/18]

Workers take Fight Against Penalty Rate Cuts to Adelaide Oval Crowds
SA Unions says hundreds of volunteers will be at the Adelaide Oval to remind football fans that the Turnbull Government and key Federal crossbenchers support the cuts to people's take home pay.

The system is broken if the body (Fair Work Commission) tasked with ensuring fairness in our industrial system will slash the pay of some of Australia's lowest paid workers. [media release .... 15/7/17]

SA's Lowest Paid Workers Dudded by $22 a Week Wage Rise
Today's decision by Fair Work Australia to raise the minimum wage by just $22.00 a week - or 59 cents an hour - is a cruel blow to South Australia's lowest paid workers.

SA Unions State Secretary, Joe Szakacs says the pathetic pay rise - coupled with penalty rate cuts coming on July 1 - means that many workers will still lose money from their weekly pay. [media release......6/6/17]

Shocking Admission by Caltex of Worker Wage Theft by Franchisees
SA Unions says today's announcement by Caltex that it will establish a $20m assistance fund for ripped-off workers is a shocking admission of chronic worker exploitation. The company made the announcement this morning after months of media coverage about entrenched underpayment of workers across the country - including at franchisees in South Australia. [media release.... 1/5/17]

International Workers Memorial Day - Tributes to those who have died or been injured at work
SA Unions says International Workers Memorial Day is the chance to remember the 132 South Australians who have been killed in work-related incidents during the past decade.  [media release.... 28/4/17]

Prime Minister Finally Agrees with Unions on 457 Exploitation
SA Unions says the decision by the Federal Government today to abolish 457 visas is more about the Prime Minister's own political future than it is about safeguarding Australian jobs. Malcolm Turnbull is today acting as if he genuinely cares for Australian jobs.  If he did he would be fighting for penalty rates, supporting an increase in the minimum wage and supporting the car industry and investment in new, green jobs in South Australia  [media release.... 18/4/17]

Unions Support State Government's Jobs-boosting Energy Plan
SA Unions says the Premier's energy plan released today will not only secure our renewable energy future but will create jobs in the energy and construction jobs, with welcome news that the plan will create 630 jobs and deliver downward pressure on prices for working people and their household budgets. [medial release.... 14/3/17]

Adelaide Takes Part in National Rallies Against Turnbull's Attacks on Workers
South Australian union members rallied in Victoria Square on 9 March to oppose the Turnbull Liberal Government's attacks on working people. 

Joining thousands across the nation, South Australians rallied to send a strong message to Malcolm Turnbull and his government that 'enough is enough'.  At a time when business profits have soared to a 15 year high, it is clear that the Government is siding with the rich and powerful to line their pockets with bigger profits at the expense of working people [medial release.... 9/3/17]

Unions Vow to Fight Penalty Rates Decision
SA Unions will now push to get penalty rates made law after the Fair Work Commission handed down its recommendation today that working Australians should have their penalty rates cut.

The decision is a huge blow to the 100,000 South Australians who are paid under award conditions in hospitality, retail and food services, with workers in these industries standing to lose as much as $6,000 a year from their pay packets. [medial release.... 23/2/17]

Community Groups Call on Premier to Keep up the Fight for the River Murray
SA Unions calls on the Premier Jay Weatherill to urge him to keep fighting for more environmental flows for the River Murray after Senator Nick Xenophon dudded the River and all South Australians [media release... 30/11/16] 

Nick Xenophon Party Confirms it wants to see Cuts to Penalty Rates
SA Unions says the Nick Xenophon Party has been caught out on penalty rates - it believes people earn too much on weekends and that weekend penalty rates should be cut.  South Australians who believe Senator Xenophon stands up for battlers should remember what he tried to do to your pay packets, and what he will do in the future if he is given the chance [media release... 21/6/16] 

International Workers' Memorial Day Service - 28 April 2016

Politicians Putting Workers' Lives at Risk by Compromising Safety Laws
SA Unions says politicians should stop making workers' safety a political football and fight harder to make sure people come home from work alive.  Today, International Workers' Memorial Day is a chance to reflect on the tragic losses from workplace deaths and diseases in this country. [media release... 28/4/16] 

South Australians Rally to Save Shipbuilding and Seafaring Jobs
South Australian unions protest in Adelaide over the Federal Liberal Government's lack of commitment to our subs and its moves to offshore Australian maritime jobs. SA Unions says not only is the government encouraging the offshoring of Australian seafaring jobs, but its position on submarines and ships is putting at risk thousands of jobs. [media release... 19/2/16] 

All Injured South Australian Workers Deserve the Protections won by Police
SA Unions says the State Government must now move to extend the protection won by injured police officers to all workers in South Australia.  The union movement always believed the two year cut off period was a blunt instrument, and that the reduction of entitlements in the new Return to Work Act had gone too far and too deep.  SA Unions now wants to see this provision extended to all workers because each industry has its own unique risks. [media release... 15/2/16] 




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