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Worksite for schools is really useful or students because work is important stuff and there's a lot to find out about it.  But there's more to Worksite for schools than just career choices or vocational information - because work is so much more than that!  Work for most of us shapes the life we lead.  It gives us some idea of our identity, an opportunity to meet people and - most importantly - our livelihood


The best way to get up to date information of the Labour movement, as well as a valuable research tool.  News from other labour websites from around the world. including: Global Labour Calendar, jobs available, books and videos,  Labour Links, Urgent actions and many more.


The American Federation of Labor
See the issues affecting American families; equal pay, safety and health, press releases etc. Working Women extensively reports on issues concerning women. The latest boycott list of products so workers can buy union made. Similar to SA UNIONS Fair Go Campaign. 

    ACTU Member Connect
Union members have access to a great range of services through ACTU Member Connect. Member Connect is 100% union owned and adds real value to union membership by saving members money. Visit to explore the benefits!
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