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    9 May 2008

    SA Unions congratulates all the Independents and minor party members in the Upper House for staunchly defending the rights of injured workers in the Legislative Council yesterday and over night.

    In particular, Mark Parnell and Ann Bressington spoke for 8 hours and 5 hours respectively in well constructed, well researched and coherent speeches.

    Janet Giles, Secretary SA Unions said, "the voice of workers in this debate has been ignored and then silenced as the Premier tries to ram the WorkCover Bill through Parliament."

    "If it wasn't for the cross bench members in the Upper House the impact this law will have on injured workers and their families would never have been considered."

    "Through Parnell and Bressington we heard the concerns of unions and lawyers and the stories of many injured workers who have contacted Members of Parliament in recent weeks."

    "The Government chest beating was backed with constant attempts to stop the debate."

    "First Mike Rann tried to defer the Bikies Bill in order to take away workers entitlements and then said that he would insist the Parliament met 24/7 to get the WorkCover Bill through, including meeting on Mothers Day.  Both these threats came to nothing."

    The debate will resume on 3 June, two days before the budget session.

    We continue to offer to negotiate with the Premier to achieve a result that fixes the scheme and its finances without seriously impacting on workers entitlements", Ms Giles said.


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